About Us

Our goal is to get filtered water into your home at ultra low cost while using some of the finest technology out there. With a Water2buy system you will experience fantastic savings with our super low prices.

We’re obsessive about our goal. Just for you we’ve created unique manuals that remove all the technical language and have simple diagrams to follow. We’ve created videos and animations to demonstrate what to do, and we’ve phone, Skype video and online chat support to give you all the backup you need. Today 3 out of 4 water2buy customers install their own equipment, sure, it wasn’t always that way and there’s no doubt we could do some things better, but we’re working hard and are always improving.

We’ve a big goal and are making a big promise to you but it’s not just idle words, we offer you a 30-day no-quibble money back guarantee. No matter what the reason you can send your equipment back any time – and we’ll even pay the return fees for you. Your equipment is covered up to 7 years with our rock solid warranty. We give you 7 years because we are completely confident that you’ll never have to use it, we’ve thousands of products in use right now all over Europe with thousands of happy customers enjoying quality water.

The water2buy brand means that you will get satisfaction or your money back. We stand by that 100% and promise to do whatever we can to make sure your life is easy. We guarantee to make the water filtration part easy and we’ll give anything else you’ve got our best shot.

We’d love to have you as part of our big happy family.