Warranty Information

Water2buy offers you free extended warranties because we genuinely want you to have complete confidence and peace of mind when deciding to shop with us. Every one of our products is made to stand the test of time and tens of thousands of our products are actively filtering water all over Europe right now. Our customers are vitally important to us, we believe that it's essential that we are honest with you, and in-fact we've found that this approach ensures that all our customers are honest with us.

We put decades of experience and testing into making sure that you never have to use your warranty but it's reassuring to know that your water softeners warranty term is 7 years, reverse osmosis units 5 years and 2 years on all other products. This warranty does not affect the rights you already have; it is in addition to those rights.

Once you buy from Water2buy your warranty is automatically activated.

Některé věci se nevztahují na záruku, proto jsme objasnili podrobnosti níže, abyste vše potřebné přesně věděli. 

Of course we can't cover every single eventuality but we are willing to take any action we consider reasonable in order to make sure you are 100% happy. Thank you for shopping with water2buy. For any further information please contact water2buy customer service.

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